Oct 2012
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Introducing: themoroseproject

Do you know that incredible feeling when you start listening to a song you’ve never heard before, and after a few seconds you’re already wishing it will never end? Being confronted with shitloads of music, pardon my French, on a daily basis, it’s still a very rare, beautiful feeling to me.

Somewhere between Calexico, Depeche Mode and Massive Attack, Overcoat Battalion by LA-based band themoroseproject will cater your needs for that feeling, and soon you’ll find yourself playing this song over and over again. Sweet goosebumps. Oh, and it’s a free download too.

After getting hooked by Overcoat Battalion, their latest song, I started digging deeper into themoroseproject’s SoundCloud and unearthed some proper gems there: Tired, an Elbow-esque laid-back, dreamy masterpiece with a touch of Death In Vegas (oh boy, I need to stop describing music by comparing it to other bands’ music) and Favored Practice, a deep and seductive late-night song heavy with atmosphere. I’m completely blown away.

As heard on Music For Sundays.