Nov 2012
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Vitalic – Rave Age [album stream]

On his third studio album Rave Age, French producer extraordinaire Vitalic not only gives impressive proof of a never-ending passion for big rooms but also doesn’t shy away from taking references to the ongoing EDM hype: dominant vocals, serious basslines, big melodies. Break, vocals, build-up, drop – songs made for festivals, not for clubs. And still, Rave Age is a little masterpiece of electronic dance music, with tracks such as Fade Away (vocals: Joe Reeves of Shitdisco) and Nexus, giving you shivers and making you wish they would never end.

Die-hard Vitalic fans (such as myself) might be disappointed at first listen, comparing this album to the excellent OK Cowboy and Flashmob albums. But then again, Vitalic has always surprised people with new sounds and ideas, and after a few listens Rave Age will start growing on you, and soon you’ll find yourself listening to it over and over again. If you happen to speak German, I’ve written quite a long article about Rave Age for Austrian magazine The Gap – continue reading there.

Out on Different Recordings, get your copy on iTunes! As an appetizer you can still download No More Sleep in 320kbps quality for free.