Nov 2012
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Introducing: Julian & der Fux

Let me introduce to you two of the most interesting protagonists of Austrian electronic dance music at the moment: Julian & der Fux, the brainchild of Julian Hruza, producer and head honcho at Jhruza Records, and Dominic Plainer, better known as Lupo, half of DJ duo Fuxblut (R.I.P.) – both based out in Vienna.

Their first song ever, Speckbrot, tells an ambiguous tale of seemingly incoherent episodes of last night and questionable desires involving almond oil and smoked bacon – enthrallingly narrated by an incredible trademark voice. Backed by beautifully crafted deep house vibes, Speckbrot gives impressive proof of the duo’s love for little details and big emotions.

Between personal abysses and shady Viennese charm lurks their second song, Der Letzte Tanz. A gloomy yet catchy melody sets the tone for a slow-motion roller coaster ride through Julian & Der Fux’ intimate universe of crackling silence and heavy atmosphere, of all-embracing solitude and flaming desires.

Both tracks (but especially Der Letzte Tanz) have been on heavy rotation for weeks now here at Disco Demons headquarters and are still growing on me, shaping up to be one of my favorite releases in 2012 so far. These two guys are without any doubt among the most important names in Austria (and beyond) to keep an eye on in 2013.

If you like what you hear, go show some love and buy the tracks on Beatport. Their next EP Altes Ego / Axt & Beil is set to be released on December 14, 2012, on Jhruza Records. Stay tuned!

Photo credits: Tiana Wirth.