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Hangover Sessions #23

This years last episode of Aka Tell´s “Hangover Sessions” brings you the perfect soundtrack for the not so quiet days that remain. Stay tuned for tracks by Clouds, Gingy & Bordello, Harvard Bass, Pariah, Marcel Dettmann, Blawan and many more!

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In some months my mixes have one or two key-tracks. The whole set builds up to this tracks or is fitted around them. But this month there is no such track. Instead there is a huge load of tracks that spread a mutual feeling. I think right now is a time where people (in my scene) just wanna dance all night long, without giving a shit about hits or aggressive hooklines. Maybe this is a simple reaction to all the EDM madness, maybe it´s the time of the year or maybe it is just me, who changed. But it has not felt so good to play hard monotonous techno tracks for a long time, as it did in the past 2 months. I used to play minimal and kind of left the scene when it got boring. Now I still don´t play minimal again, but surprisingly some artists I liked back then are crossing my paths again.
Clouds starts something, that appears to be a series, with “Tannhauser Acid Works I” – and the track “Those Cracks In Your Face, Do The Hurt?” is just the perfect techno track for me. You can also find this track on Tiga´s new mix CD “Non Stop”, which i hereby highly recommend to you.
It seems like EP series are in fashion at the moment, because Duke Dumont´s “For Club Play Only I & II” caused quite some excitement recently, and the track “The Giver” got remixed by some big names like Tiga, Locked Groove and Gingy & Bordello.
Another great track, that really was one of my favorites this year, also got some remix treatment lately: “Ghetto Kraviz” by Nina Kraviz. The EP contains the vocal stems, so I expect to hear this remarkable vocal loop now in every dj-set from here to Sidney.
What I really miss this month are tracks from my favorite 2012 labels. Some of them only released music I do not like, some released compilations (obviously hoping for some christmas money) and some did not release anything. I took the chance and dug a bit deeper into the crates.
This episode of the “Hangover Sessions” is the last one for 2012, so I wish you all the best for the holidays and a happy new year! I will return in January and then switch to the first thursday of the month. Stay tuned!

Aka Tell´s Hangover Sessions is a monthly DJ-podcast. For one hour Aka spins the tracks that he loved most, that influenced him or about that he really had to say some words during the last few weeks. Every episode is accompanied by an article on discodemons.net in which he is disclosing thoughts, stories and anecdotes about that mix, the last month and DJing in general.
Aka Tell is a member of the electro house act A.G.Trio. Together with Andy Korg he heads the austrian electro house label Etage Noir Special. He has been active as a DJ for more than 10 years. Aka Tell lives in Vienna, Austria.


Primitive World – Danceteria
Clouds – Those Cracks in Your Face, Do They Hurt?
Duke Dumont – The Giver (Gingy & Bordello Remix)
NTOLOGY – Beglium
Animal Youth – Sixty Four Zero
Proxy – Junk (Harvard Bass Remix)
Shlomi Aber – We Don´t Fit
Feadz & Kito – Oh Yeah (BS1 Remix)
Lucy – Finnegan (Pariah Dub Mix)
Marcel Dettmann – Allies
Lando Kal – Let You In The Sky
Bobby Champs – Steve Martin
Maelstrom – Lux
Blawan – 6 To 6 Lick
Locked Groove – Keep Thorough
Funkin Matt – I Wish
Lunde Bros – Can You Feel It
Rektchordz – Future Shock (Attaque Remix)
Kevin McPhee – In Circles
Nick Curly – Inside My Head (Glimpse Remix)
Nina Kraviz – Ghetto Kraviz (Steve Rachmad´s Jack Mix)
James Mile – Downtone
Mike Dehnert – Umgangston

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cover-pic by mnd_ – backlab.at