Jan 2013
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Introducing: Woodcut


I know, it’s been a bit quiet around here lately, but here I am, against all odds, having obviously survived not only Christmas and New Year’s Eve but also a few days of hibernation without internet. The occasion is a happy one, as there’s another solid brick in the wall of quality music surfacing in our lovely little town that is Vienna lately.

Two brothers from different mothers, united by their shared passion for deep and organic electronic dance music: Woodcut. Both well-established DJs in Austria, the two have joined forces to take things to the next level – and as a little welcome gift to the world, they’re giving away their first track ever, Promises, as a free 320kbps download: a cozy little piano, lovely chord progressions, bits and pieces of a Moby-esque vocal sample, all wrapped up in a warm, crisp bassline. Can’t wait for more.

What would Bill Murray do?