Jan 2013
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eezlo – Hustlin


Disclaimer: for reasons of convenience and readability, the musical genre characterized by house/dub-infused Southern Crunk hip-hop that’s currently thought to be “the new shit” but actually originated a lot earlier back in the mid-2000s will be referred to as “trap” in this article.

It might have taken some time, but it looks like trap has finally arrived in our lovely city of Vienna, with some respective parties popping up sporadically here and there, and new producers surfacing at the lower end of the sonic spectrum – like eezlo: a cryptic duo that I have literally no information about except the fact that they’re based out here our in town, recently stepped into the spotlight, presenting their debut track Hustlin, a massive club track smoothly wrapped around an addictive acapella. Stay tuned for more!

Free 320kbps download.