Jan 2013
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Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools
(Religion Remix)

Kendrick Lamar

Disclaimer: for reasons of convenience and readability, the musical genre characterized by house/dub-infused Southern Crunk hip-hop that’s currently thought to be “the new shit” but actually originated a lot earlier back in the mid-2000s will be referred to as “trap” in this article.

Wake up call: LA-based trio infernal Religion kick-start your Friday with a big trap remix of Kendrick Lamar’s seminal 2012 tune Swimming Pools. Starting out rather dreamy and laid-back, a massive array of machine gun-esque snares and hi-hats soon breaks loose and – to be honest, I’m too tired to type and you’re most probably too tired to read, so just click play and listen for yourself. Thank you.

Free 320kbps download.