Jan 2013
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Alan Braxe – One More Chance

Alan Braxe - One More Chance

Fifteen years after collaborating with Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter on the timeless dance anthem Music Sounds Better With You back in 1998, French House god Alan Braxe gloriously returns with a new single aptly titled One More Chance. The song features a relatively unknown band from Paris called The Spimes, made up of Romuald (yes, the guy who was recently described as a “21st century Serge Gainsbourg” by Mixmag) & Madji’k.

Starting out with dreamy vocals dramatic enough to be the soundtrack for Ryan Gosling walking away from an explosion, One More Chance is a slow and atmospheric disco jam with lots of sparkling vintage flavor sprinkled over it. There’s no doubt that we’ve got a hit record right here, as big as it gets. With Memory Tapes and Lifelike on remix duty to round off the release, the entire EP can be downloaded for free in its full 320kbps glory on Scion AV’s website.