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Jägerverb Austria Tour | pres. by discodemons.net

Jägerverb Austria Tour presented by Disco Demons

It’s been a bit quiet around here for a few days, mainly due to partying and studying, which are, when done excessively, not a good combination in terms of creative productivity. Anyway, we’re back on track now here at Disco Demons headquarters, and the occasion is a very happy one: for the first time ever, discodemons.net has invited an artist that has been a regular name here on the blog for an exclusive mini tour through this nice little country we call our home. Enough beating around the bush, I’m of course talking about Jägerverb!

Friday, March 1st | Solaris, Linz

The first course will be quite a special party at Solaris, Linz, as Aka Tell (also known as “Mr. Hangover Sessions“) and my humble self will be celebrating our birthdays that night, supported by our good friend Cerny. And because the best things in life are free, there’s going to be free entry all night long.

Saturday, March 2nd | Grelle Forelle, Vienna

As for the second night, my boys from WEARETHESH.IT will be hosting a floor at Grelle Forelle, one of Vienna’s best clubs, on Saturday, March 2nd with Jägerverb headlining, supported by Aka Tell, Disco Demons, The Shit Is Coming Home, Slutotronic (yes, that guy from Italy whom I can not thank enough for creating the wonderful artwork for the tour) and Bört.

More details on both nights will be added soon.
If you want to add dates feel free to contact me at discodemons@gmail.com

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