Feb 2013
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Attaque – Toss Them Bodies

Attaque b:w

If Diplo says it’s “cooool stuff” (yes, with four o’s) and all that John Roman can think of is “Jesus Christ”, I think it’s safe to say that even though it’s only mid-February, we’ve got one of the biggest releases of 2013 right here: Attaque (who else?) on Bad Life Records (where else?).

Toss Them Bodies, a double-A-sided EP, shows the Essex-based producer on top of his game, taking his unique trademark sound to the next level. Describing the EP’s self-titled A-side as abrasive techno would be an understatement, considering this dark, ferocious monster of a track. The second track, Formula 86, starts our rather harmlessly in comparison, but soon all hell breaks loose again, with a little intermezzo of warm house chords. Did I already mention that I’m pretty sure this is one of the biggest techno releases of the year?