Apr 2013
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David Bowie – Let’s Dance (The Penelopes Remix)

David Bowie

I love when bands do remixes. I think it’s highly interesting not only because you get first-hand insights of the band’s idea of dance music but also because the approach to remixing is a completely different one compared to writing own songs, and the results are almost always surprising. Prominent example: Two Door Cinema Club remixing DENA’s Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools.

What’s even better, though: bands remixing their idols. Just like this remix of David Bowie’s timeless classic Let’s Dance by French (but London-based) synth pop band The Penelopes. Turning the rocking original into a rather deep disco jam complete with vintage synth stabs and Juno 106-esque basslines, the two Frenchmen have without any doubt created something extraordinary here. Free download!