Apr 2013
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Vitalic – Fade Away [video]

Vitalic Mirror

Steamy late-night vibes on Poison Lips, flying dogs on Poney, Part One, hidden toilet cameras on Second Lives and steroid-induced deaths on Stamina: Vitalic has never been known for mediocre music videos – and the most recent one is certainly no exception to that rule.

Directed by Romain Chassaing (responsible for Pony Pony Run Run and Housse The Racket music videos), the official video for the latest single Fade Away could easily pass as a cinematic short film – a fact Vimeo promptly honored by including it in their “Staff Picks” playlist. A group of hit men (and women) chasing each other over a mysterious black suitcase, trapped in an infinite loop of time (obviously I can not even begin to recite the number of movies that are being referenced here). The video has been around for a week in fact, shout-out to Harder Blogger Faster for the post, I might have missed it if it wasn’t for them.

Buy it on: iTunes.