May 2013
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Hangover Sessions #28

Hangover Sessions #28

It´s hot, it´s new, and it´s without a single Daft Punk track. Here is Aka Tell´s “Hangover Sessions #28” mix with tracks by Tracques, Audionite, S-File, J Tijn, Clouds, Breach and many more!

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Maybe I should start something like a category called “most eagerly awaited release” here, because nearly every month I am featuring tracks, that I have been looking forward to since I heard the first previews, sometimes months before.
And, though the whole world is still/again talking about Daft Punk right now, this month the title would go to Tracques “Click Track”, respectively his album “Volume One”. Tracques is an alter ego of Jacques Lu Cont, and he is really causing a stir with it right now.
Another long awaited release is Audionite´s “No Good” on Boysnoize Records. I heard the first preview, cut from a radio show, 2 or 3 months ago, and this track is a really intense, though complex, piece of dance music.
As you can see by the last two mentioned tracks, this months mix is again more techno, though my opening tracks are somewhat different. Last months mix was more about deeper sounds, and it was my most successful podcast so far, but on the one side I do not believe in simply following public demand (or what someone believes that it is) and on the other side this month there are again some more interesteing technoid releases that I really could not ignore.
Some artists in this months mix have been featured here before (sometimes very often), like S-File, J Tijn, Clouds, Les Tronchiennes or Casino Gold. Others are featured for the first time – Rumah, Roberto Capuano or Breach, just to name a few.
Beef Theatre have released a free EP 2 days ago, and whereas their recent releases have been to hard for me – but still good – this time they really got me with “E Machine”. I don´t have a clou, why they are releasing a whole EP for free, but get it while it´s hot!

Aka Tell´s Hangover Sessions is a monthly DJ-podcast. For one hour Aka spins the tracks that he loved most, that influenced him or about that he really had to say some words during the last few weeks. Every episode is accompanied by an article on discodemons.net in which he is disclosing thoughts, stories and anecdotes about that mix, the last month and DJing in general.
Aka Tell is a member of the electro house act A.G.Trio. Together with Andy Korg he heads the austrian electro house label Etage Noir Special. He has been active as a DJ for more than 10 years. Aka Tell lives in Vienna, Austria.


Lorca – Have I Told You
Svet feat. Agent Smith – Peace
Breach – Jack
Harvard Bass – Cream
Bobmo – Werk It
Beef Theatre – E Machine
Tracques – Click Track
Koen Groeneveld – HOP!
Hoshina Anniversary – Don´t Stop (S-File Remix)
Audionite – No Good
Malente & Breakfastklub – Danger Zone
Rumah – Stutter
S-File & Turbo Turbo – Headhunter (J Tijn Remix)
Clouds – Drone Function
Kick-OH – Believe (Les Tronchiennes Remix)
Roberto Capuano – Vertigo
Konvalov – Smile Now (Casino Gold Remix)

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cover-pic by mnd_ – backlab.at