May 2013
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“I fucking missed you guys!” – I usually try not to read the comments when playing music on SoundCloud because most of the time they’re either written by people who refer to complete strangers on the internet as their “bros” (which I can’t stand, seriously) or douchebags trying to promote their mediocre music by spamming other people’s brilliant music. This comment somehow got me, though. To be honest, I fucking missed these guys, too. In fact, I fucking miss this kind of music.

This kind of music: electro anno 2007 – that golden era of (modern) dance music, when the abbreviation “EDM” did not exist in the typical 16-year-old’s vocabulary. When bangers could be bangers without cheesy trance synths, and failed wannabe pop stars yelling over the breaks at the top of their voice. When musical creativity was deemed more important than technical perfection in the production process. Obviously I could go on for hours now about how everything was better back then, but instead I’ll just say how much I miss this kind of music.

I fucking miss it.