May 2013
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The Indie-Dance Report #6

The Indie-Dance Report 6

Start your week with the latest episode of my monthly mixtape series. Dunno why, but it turned out quite pop this time, but you’ll also find some sweet new club tracks in there, a feel good indie song and an unreleased remix by myself. Sit back and enjoy.

Ryan Riot

Tracklist, artist spotlights and free downloads after the jump.


1.) xxx – xxx
2.) Wild Cub – Summer Fires/Hidden Spells (Noah Hyde Remix)
3.) AV – Venus Bar (Juveniles Remix)
4.) Crystal Fighters – You & I (Gigamesh Remix)
5.) Phoenix – Trying To Be Cool (The Chainsmokers Remix)
6.) Willhelm Tell Me – Fools (Saint Pauli Remix)
7.) Pulp Vs. Soulwax – After You
8.) Rex The Dog – Bonn (Original Mix)
9.) Reflex – Together (Ryan Riot Remix)
10.) Azari & III – Lost In Time (Blende Remix)
11.) Reptile Youth – Fear (Broke Party Anthem)
12.) Bloc Party – Truth (Digitalism Remix)
13.) Propellers – Midnight Kiss (Attari Remix)
14.) Blondie – Heart Of Glass (Oliver & Thee Mike B Remix)
15.) Majestique – Must Get There (Original Mix)
16.) xxx – xxx (xxx Remmix)
17.) xxx – xxx
18.) The Royal Concept – On Our Way

This month’s cool cats:

► Noah Hyde (Boise/USA)

This rising Amercian producer has amazed me with his Youth Lagoon remix about a year ago. I don’t like the word, but this track is truly epic and it doesn’t sound dated – even after a year (which is, as we all know, a long time in this industry). His latest remix is solid as well and available for your downloading pleasure.

► Crystal Fighters (London/UK)

The UK lads have their second album in the pipeline: Cave Rave will be out by the end of may and is full of alternative-dance-pop magic. You can get the Gigamesh remix of You & I for free.

► The Chainsmokers (New York/USA)

I have to admit that I’ve never heard of them before their excellent Phoenix remix. They call their style “Indie Progressive House” which, I think, is pretty accurate. Not everything they do is my cup of tea, because some tracks have this huge big-ooom-house vibe, but as I said before – the Phoenix remix is excellent and in my opinion way better then the original track.

► Blende (London/UK)

You can’t run from Blende because he always delivers great stuff. Now you can download his fantastic remix for Azari & III. This is excactly how a disco tune in 2013 should sound like. Be sure to check out his latest EP Synapse as well.

► Attari (Brussels/Belgium)

Attari aka Renaud Deru, formerly of Mustang can do nothing wrong at the moment. His remix of the Propellers’ Midnight Kiss is a bass-driven indie-dance bastard with a 90’s clectroclash vibe and some very neat vocals. The track is yours for the price of a like.