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Hangover Sessions #29

Hangover Sessions #29

It´s time again for Aka Tell´s “Hangover Sessions”. This time with tracks by Jägerverb, TWR72, Zombie Disco Squad, Turbo Turbo, Karenn, Maceo Plex and many more!

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This month I had like tons of great new music, that I had to choose from. After the final selection I found out, that all most of the tracks I chose are from some of my favorite labels again. Makes me look like a fanboy, and to be honest: I am. There are simply some labels out there, that right now really hit a nerve.
I´ve been recently listening to Maceo Plex´s DJ-Kicks a lot and I think it´s definitely one of the better releases of that branch. So I am kind of influenced by his sound right now, which you can also partly find in this months mix.
TWR72 released their awesome EP “Der Ausgang” on Twin Turbo this month, and I think it is maybe the best tool-techno EP since Soundhack´s “Soundkit EP” in 2002. Every track on it is a top pick.
But this months über-track is “Trust Your Body” by Tiga & Jori Hulkkonen, remixed by John Roman. This track is a force of nature. But without nature.
Sharooz´s “90907” EP was done solely on analogue gear, and though I am not an advocate for either analoge or digital production I have to say: Wow, it was worth it! I myself love to fiddle around on my analague gear, but I never tried to finish a track only with it. I really like that nowadays there are so many possibilities to choose from. And though I think that you always should be able to justify your decisions, no matter if in music production or djing, that people more and more understand that the decision itself is yours.

Aka Tell´s Hangover Sessions is a monthly DJ-podcast. For one hour Aka spins the tracks that he loved most, that influenced him or about that he really had to say some words during the last few weeks. Every episode is accompanied by an article on discodemons.net in which he is disclosing thoughts, stories and anecdotes about that mix, the last month and DJing in general.
Aka Tell is a member of the electro house act A.G.Trio. Together with Andy Korg he heads the austrian electro house label Etage Noir Special. He has been active as a DJ for more than 10 years. Aka Tell lives in Vienna, Austria.


Maxime Dangles – Jupita
joeFarr – Big Jeff
Jagerverb – Betamax
Sharooz – 70709
TWR72 – Merijn
Kill Frenzy – Make That Booty Clap feat. DJ Funk (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
Turbo Turbo – Breakdown Analysis
S-file – Oddjob
Baadman – Gambetta (BS1 Remix)
Kamikaze Space Programme – Yuri Gagarin
Delta Funktionen – Onkalo (Karenn Remix)
Maceo Plex – Galactic Cinema
Xinobi – Puma
Arcade – Feel the Heat (Frogs In Socks Remix)
Mason – Grotto
Stsb – Four
Tiga & Jori Hulkkonen – Trust Your Body (John Roman Remix)

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cover-pic by mnd_ – backlab.at