Sep 2013
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Cardiochaos – Disappointed In The Snow

Wow. Do you know that incredible feeling when you start listening to a song you’ve never heard before, and after a few seconds you’re already wishing it would never end? When you discover a song you immediately feel connected to, and you end up listening to it over and over again? When you’re absolutely certain you’ve come across a true masterpiece, and you want to share it with as many people as possible?

Let me introduce to you Cardiochaos, a musical project by Vienna-based filmmaker, actor and musician extraordinaire Peter Brunner. Driven by an obsessive creative urge, the young Austrian artist has finished his debut album DDNOS (“Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified”), an unconventional, multifaceted collection of musical images, ranging from minimalist post-dubstep jams to glittering electro pop as sweet as sugar, from piano-heavy indie songs to what Venetian Snares coined as “drill n bass”.

It would be an easy thing to start drawing comparisons to SOHN or Thom Yorke now, but let’s talk about Disappointed In The Snow instead, the fourth song (and probably one of the strongest cuts) on DDNOS. I promise, you will still get goosebumps all over your body after ten consecutive listens when that low, rough voice starts counter-parting the dreamy, dragging vocals in the middle of the song, and you will hold your breath until the heartbeat-like bass drum starts beating again to the rhythm of the infectious piano chords. And suddenly, for the blink of an eye, there is: that incredible feeling, that desperate wish that this song would never end…

Purchase Cardiochaos’ debut album DDNOS on iTunes.