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Disco Demons is a music blog based in Vienna, Austria, founded in early 2008 by student and freelance writer Jakob Bouchal. What started out as a personal platform to share musical discoveries with friends soon grew into a popular international music blog focussing on electronic dance music in all it’s facets. Today, we have accumulated a wide audience from all over the world - music lovers, artists, bands, producers, label executives and lots of DJs.

Disco Demons does in no way encourage music piracy:  you’ll never see full albums for download here – unless authorized directly by the record label. By posting tracks and remixes as samples, we promote talented artists and good music – and also encourage potential fans to buy the full releases at their local record stores or on iTunes, Beatport, etc. The reason for doing this is an endless passion and love in music – shared with thousands of fans all over the globe who buy records and go to shows of artists they got to know via Disco Demons.

Feel free to contact us about anything you might have in mind, even if you just like this blog and want to say hello. Even though we can’t reply to every email we get, we do read them all.

Offenlegung gem. §25 MedienG

Dieser Weblog wird von Jakob Bouchal betrieben.

Die Seite dient der Information und dem Austausch im Themenbereich Musik und Kultur. Sie richtet sich gleichermaßen an Musikinteressierte wie auch an Künstler_innen.

Disco Demons
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