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50 Cent wants Floyd to Promote Soulja Boy & Chris Brown Boxing Match & Floyd Set to train Soulja Boy.

The industry is up to its same shenanigans yet again. Following the apparent once dead feud between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy, we come before you to reveal that the two musicians may be going to the ring with this one.
The feud between the two steamed over Soulja liking a picture of Chris Brown’s ex Karueche Tran. Brown didn’t take the approach in a funny matter and went back to the star, which resulted in Soulja Boy apologizing after long anger back and forth stand down.
We’ll feud tycoon 50 Cent and his friend and boxing champion Floyd Mayweather are now involved in the whole feud. 50 Cent revealed that he wants to put a business expect on the feud, which is the way it should be done. 50 Cent stated that he would like Floyd to host the boxing match under his company. “Tell Soulja I said stop apologizing,” said 50 on Instagram. “Get the Draco out build up the hype for the fight. #putthemoneyonthewood I’m covering the bet for every set. LMAO.”
To bolster the chances of the fight happening, 50 offered to put up $100,000 in favor of Brown sealing the victory over Soulja. “Call Floyd [Mayweather] and tell him specifically I said, ‘bet 100,000.’ I’ll bet 100,000 on Chris, he can bet 100,000 on Soulja Boy. Floyd did some s–t when Chris was on the phone with a girl, so he’ll probably be feeling a little funny because of Chris probably f–ked some of the same b—he’s he f–ked and all kinds of s–t like that.”
Chris Brown responded to 50’s post and wrote “50… make sure this n —as get our money right!” Brown wrote under 50’s IG post. “WE ONE BUY A YAGHT AFTER THIS,”
Brown then went on to acknowledge his decision to step into the ring with Soulja Boy to fight out their differences. “It’s been amazing to see how many people tune in to negativity. NOW THAT WE HAVE YOUR UNDIVIDED ATTENTION… BOXING MATCH SET. Legally. Man to Man. NO MORE DISSING AND NO MORE BULLS–T. ME AS A BLACK MAN looked back at my actions on social media and what I thought of myself is this… “CLOWN”. SO THIS ISNT AN APOLOGY. IM TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY IGNORANCE. @adrienbroner@floydmayweather @50cent WE IN THE RING WIT IT. TAKE YA BETS NOW.#CELEBRITYBOXING CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. #stayclassy #OHBSPORTS@twincharlo @futureofboxing.”
If this isn’t enough, Mayweather has agreed to train Soulja Boy for the big event. His decision to align himself with Soulja Boy comes after he decided to promote the fight on his Instagram. The poster features both Brown and Soulja on the card and it has the official stamp of the boxer’s promotion company, Mayweather Promotions, like the ones endorsing the event.
After he put the poster up on his Instagram, Soulja Boy reposted the photo and hyped up the star-studded match on his page. “It’s going down! Signed my contract I’m leaving the fight with $1,000,000 I got the best ever my big bro @floydmayweather training me damn—— #TMT #SODMG March in Vegas !! On TV,” Soulja wrote.
I kind of have doubts about this matter. Floyd training Soulja may present a bit of a problem for Brown unless he gets a champ. Still, this is how it should be done. Both make diss tracks and then take it to the ring so they both make money. This is better than going to jail and where people want you to make money off you aka the new slavery.
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