Disco Demons Guest Mix III : AUTOKRATZ

After a big room electro mix from Clockwork last month, the third Disco Demons Guest Mix is all about future techno again, coming from some of the pioneers of this new style: autoKratz, without doubt, one of the most exciting producer duos currently around and founders of Bad Life Records, the no. 1 source for the freshest stuff in electronic dance music.

Both their collaboration with Lee Mortimer, Faith, and their latest track Splinters received massive attention all over the globe – and with some exciting new stuff coming up (more in the interview below), the future is looking more than bright for autoKratz. Enough talk, here’s Disco Demons Guest Mix III!

Disco Demons: autoKratz (and Bad Life Records) are without a doubt amongst the key tastemakers of this exciting new movement in dance music commonly referred to as “future techno”. What does future techno mean to you?

David: Cheers for that. We’re having so much fun with the label at the moment. We’re really happy that we’re getting to work with such amazing music and a group of artists that are really different but strangely fit together.
Russell: For me, I’d say Future Techno takes some of the sounds and sensibilities of techno but presents it in a youthful, perhaps more electro way. It just seems right to describe these producers that are doing this sound, and it’s amazing that people get it and feel the same as we do. There’s too many sub-genres in electronic music, but it’s kind of emerged naturally, but we don’t want to take it too seriously, as soon as you limit yourselves to that sound, how can the label ever progress?

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Disco Demons: Which upcoming artists do you guys personally keep an eye on at the moment?

Russel: After seeing Night Symmetry live the other night, I was absolutely blown away. They’ve got an A/V live show which is sensational…like a thoroughly modern Chemical Brothers. Can’t wait for more new music from D/R/U/G/S, the new Shadow Dancer on BNR is classy as fuck, and Dems of course – a stunningly good band – can’t wait for their album.

Disco Demons: 2012 has seen the release of your tracks Faith and Splinters so far, receiving both massive love and amazing feedback. What are your plans for this year?

David: We’re working on a collaboration with Shinichi Osawa, which is turning out pretty cool, and he’s really nice to work with…then some remixes and more banging stuff throughout the year. I’m just loving making banging records at the moment.

Disco Demons: I’ve been talking to a lot of producers who said they would never listen to their own music (or dance music in general) at home – how about you? What are your favorite non-electronic artists at the moment?

David: We definitely listen to dance music at home – it would be impossible to run the label without doing so! We’re super passionate about it and love it outside of the club as well as inside. But we will listen to everything.
Russell – Nonelectronic wise, I’m forcing myself to have a break from the Django Django album as I was listening to it too much, and in danger of ruining it for myself. It’s a wonderful record!!!

Disco Demons: If you could play one single song to the entire world, which one would it be?

Russel: An autoKratz song? Splinters smashes it every time so I’d go with that. There’s also an Attaque track called Flow too that I love right now, probably out in a few months. In terms of non-electronic tracks, Django Django’s Default, and for an old one Neil Young’s From Hank To Hendrix. So that’s 4!


Attaque – Shadows
Bart B More & Rubix – Ari (Attaque Remix)
Keith & Supabeatz – Grip
Les Petit Pilous & Rynecologist – Calculator
autoKratz – Heart Attack Man
Greg Churchill – Da Biz (Ditto remix)
Sound of Stereo – Opal (TWR72 Remix)
autoKratz – Splinters
Zoo Brazil – New York
Mumbai Science – Alchemy
MAO – Harken

The Disco Demons Guest Mixes are a series of exclusive mixtapes, handcrafted by artists that I’ve blogged about a lot, artists that have influenced me as a DJ, artists whose music I simply love.

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