Disco Demons Guest Mix IV : AEROTRONIC

A month can be a long time when waiting for a new Disco Demons guest mix to drop, but the wait is over now and I’m more than proud to present Disco Demons Guest Mix IV, compiled and mixed by two nice guys from Belgium who also happen to be one of the most interesting producers around at the moment called Jordi and Laurens – better known as AEROTRONIC!

And as if that wasn’t enough, the boys are giving away a free 320kbps download of their latest track Argus, beloved by the likes of Modek, The Oddworld, and Noize Generation!

Disco Demons: Aerotronic used to be known for much harder sounds not much more than a year ago. At what point did you decide to sort of re-invent yourselves towards techno, and why?

Aerotronic: I think it’s because of several reasons, but the main one being that we feel there is not enough innovation anymore in the rougher electronic styles. And also, we’ve been playing this kind of music for almost 3 years now and we aren’t so punk anymore. Actually come to think of it, we’ve always liked techno a lot. But especially now we are into the darker techno sounds.

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Disco Demons: 2012 has seen the release of some remixes and your Sputnik EP (featuring Gmorozov) so far. What are your next plans for this year?

Aerotronic: Next up is a release on the French label Boxon Records. This release is planned in June and it features 4 new tracks from us. I think it’ll give people a good
idea about what direction we are trying to go. In many ways that are. The first track of this EP will already be available real soon on a compilation of the label selves. After this release we have more new tracks coming up, we hope to confirm them soon!

Disco Demons: Which upcoming artists do you guys personally keep an eye on at the moment? Who are the real key tastemakers out there?

Aerotronic: That’s an easy question, Gmorozov of course. We were very glad to have a collaboration EP with him! In fact, we’ve already planned another one in the future since working with him went so smoothly. I think he is a very versatile producer, he both makes quality drum ‘n bass and very good dark techno sounds. We also like Oblast a lot, very strong debut EP from these guys. I’d say it our favorite upcoming new artist at this moment.

Disco Demons: What do you guys think about “future techno”? Just a quick hype for buzz blogs or more?

Aerotronic: Future techno has gotten a life on it’s own now. For me, it’s a mixture of many genres, from deep house to acid techno. It stands for techno anno 2012. I think it has come from very far and unlike genres as moombahton, this one has a lot of meaning to it. Slowing down a fidget track does not make you a new genre you know.

Disco Demons: If you could play one single song to the entire world, which one would it be?

Aerotronic: I think it’s one of our new tracks called XYZ. I can’t tell you much about it yet, only that Jordi and I consider this one as our baby. But so does the rest of that EP (coming soon). I think it’s our strongest work so far, so you can definitely share that with the world!

Bonus: Aerotronic – Argus (Original Mix)


01. Intro
02. XXXChange – Scrying Over You
03. The Sexinvaders – Metropolis (The Sneakers Remix One)
04. Mickey Moonlight – Close To Everything (The Marvin Brothers Remix)
05. SCNTST – Highfield (Dunjinz Remix)
06. Shadow Dancer – Second City
07. Surkin Feat. Bobmo – Harry (Strip Steve Remix)
08. Costello – Solstice
09. Mumbai Science – Chemistry
10. John Lord Fonda – What’s Going On? (TWR72 Remix)
11. Crookers – Hummus (Botnek Remix)
12. Aerotronic & Gmorozov – Sputnik
13. Night Symmetry – Moon
14. Polydor Feat. Gustaph – Future Past (Monstertune Remix)
15. Destructo Feat. Oliver – LA Funky (BS1 Remix)
16. Mason – The Kickoff
17. L-Vis 1990 – Video Drone / Surkin – Piste De Ski (Acapella)
18. Oblast – Gravity
19. Aerotronic & Gmorozov – Hijack On Acid
20. Aerotronic & Gmorozov – Hijack

The Disco Demons Guest Mixes are a series of exclusive mixtapes, handcrafted by artists that I’ve blogged about a lot, artists that have influenced me as a DJ, artists whose music I simply love.