Disco Demons Guest Mix V : BLATTA & INESHA

Thursdays are for techno, they say, so after an extended summer break, I’m proud to finally present a new episode of the Disco Demons guest mix series. Disco Demons Guest Mix V has come all the way from Italy, from two of the most exciting producers around at the moment: countless remixes, original releases on Oh My God It’s Techno Music, Bad Life and, most importantly, the incredible Coordinates EP on Southern Fried a few days ago – BLATTA & INSHA have been on fire in 2012!

In this guest mix, the two Italians take you on an aural journey into their world of dark techno sounds, and in the accompanying interview, they’re talking about EDM, Lou Reed and the best cities in the world to get drunk in. While you’re at it, make sure to check out the brand new video (NSFW) for Dirty Knees, their collaboration with Mustard Pimp.

Disco Demons: Your sound has evolved quite a lot in the past few years, leaning more and more towards techno. Obviously this seems to be a general trend in the scene at the moment. Has techno become the new electro? ( – or is it just electro influenced by techno sounds?)

Blatta & Inesha: Dance music styles are made of cycles, every kind of sound and genre comes back in vogue every few seasons updated with current sounds. Electro in the shape we used to know has become awful with all those cheesy commercial trance breakdowns, basslines that sound all the same, and a big lack of ideas and evolution, so I guess it’s normal for some sensible producers to move to other directions… but to answer your question: to me, techno-electro is still a pretty underground phenomenon, cheesy horrible wah sidechain is definitely the sound that is still mainly influencing electro!

On our side, we never decided or said hey ok let’s do some techno from now on, we just realized that we like dark music and dark melodies better than bouncy happy music. The fact that it sounds like techno then is just a coincidence, I’m sure in 6 months it will sound totally different again, and so will the genres. We like to be ambiguous and take things not too seriously, like the whole Techno Nouveau thing we came up with. Being honest our music is not even traditional techno, the real techno scene is a boys club, very hard to get in and if you talk to some real techno integralist and you play a Blatta & Inesha track to him he will probably punch you in the face! (laughs)

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Disco Demons: What do you think about the big buzz of electronic dance music in the USA at the moment? Has dance music sold out, or is it just a quick hype?

Blatta & Inesha: It’s definitely everywhere in the US right now… it’s cool, there are big opportunities and American crowds are awesome. Its nice to see since dance music was actually born in Chicago with house music and then acid/techno in Detroit, so it’s finally coming round to be enjoyed by the people that invented it (laughs). The UK has dominated the love for the dance music scene for so long, I suppose it’s time for a change! I don’t know what the future holds though, America has always had a love/hate relationship with dance music.

Disco Demons: What does EDM mean to you?

Blatta & Inesha: Just another lazy American acronym.

Disco Demons: You guys have been quite active in 2012 so far: Consign To Oblivion together with Casino Gold, Texas TechnoF1, and Coordinates as well as lots of remixes, receiving all massive love and amazing feedback. What are the next plans for this year and the near future?

Blatta & Inesha: The remix package of Dirty Knees, a track we did with Mustard Pimp, just came out on Dim Mak. Then our album is basically done and should be out in January or February 2013 – we are still deciding which tracks will see the light and which ones will stay in our hard drive for now. Plus we are working on some cutting edge hip hop beats for some cool Italian hip hop artists and we are also both working on some solo/side projects to be announced later in the year.

Also soon we’ll take a little break studio wise because we’ll be on a mini-tour in Asia in late October and then off to the USA to tour with Autoerotique in November.

Disco Demons: If you could do a collaboration with one artist (musician, singer, etc.) of your choice, who would it be (dead or alive)?

Blatta & Inesha: Lou Reed or David Bowie.

Disco Demons: I’ve been talking to a lot of producers who said they would never listen to their own music (or dance music in general) at home – how about you? What are your favorite non-electronic artists at the moment?

Blatta & Inesha: Well after you work on a beat or a bassline for 8 hours a day probably the last thing you want to do in your free time is to listen to it again. But in general, I don’t mind listening to my own tracks, especially when I take long car drives, etc… but even then I never enjoy it cause I have a too strict approach and I can only hear the mistakes…

I also listen to a lot of dance music in general, I like to get inspiration from genres of dance music that we normally don’t play. I find the new and very underground UK scene of the tech-deep house very interesting, people like Trikk (even he’s Portuguese, though!) produce like monsters!

I listen to tons of old music too – I have more than 10.000 old vinyl records at home, mainly old rock, 70’s funk and disco, jazz, plus I have this obsession for exploitation film soundtracks, 70’s soft sex movies, stuff like Piero Umiliani, etc. I also love more chill bassy stuff like Teeth, the new EP on Sound Pellegrino is just fantastic!

Disco Demons: What’s the best city on this planet to get drunk in?

Blatta & Inesha: Bamberg, Germany for the superior quality of its locally brewed beer, Lisbon, or Berlin for their atmosphere.

Disco Demons: If you could play one single song to the entire world, which one would it be?

Blatta & Inesha: Perfect Day by Lou Reed.


01. Travel & Four Quarters Boyz – K.T.S.
02. Singtank – Give It To Me (Don Rimini Remix)
03. Doc Trashz – Distorto
04. Blatta & Inesha – Parallels & Meridians
05. Tai – Steroid (Modek Remix)
06. John Roman – Monitor
07. Casino Gold – Ions
08. Mustard Pimp and Blatta & Inesha – Dirty Knees (Attaque Remix)
09. Les Tronchiennes – Riot Shield (Modern Hype Remix)
10. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Raise (Electric Rescue Purple Remix)

The Disco Demons Guest Mixes are a series of exclusive mixtapes, handcrafted by artists that I’ve blogged about a lot, artists that have influenced me as a DJ, artists whose music I simply love.

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