Disco Demons Guest Mix VI : JÄGERVERB

In times of DJs surfing underage crowds on inflatable rafts, there are artists that really stand out over the never-ending flood of mediocre dance music for the masses; artists that you can always rely on to keep a constant stream of quality music coming your way. Disco Demons Guest Mix VI is brought to you by one of these artists – as always.

Based out in the UK, JÄGERVERB is without any doubt one of the most interesting artists in underground dance music to keep an eye on right now: game-changing original tracks (LadybirdsMozzarella, etc.) and remixes (Mustard Pimp, recently a big one for Roby Howler, etc.) on labels such as Dim Mak, Top Billin, and GND – and most importantly, the all amazing Phosphenes EP on Belgian imprint Electrolux, one of the most interesting releases in 2012.

Disco Demons: Sorry for the generic question, but I still have to ask: how did you come up with the name Jägerverb? Does it involve Jägermeister schnapps?

Jägerverb: There was a miniature bottle of Jägermeister on my desk while I was brainstorming ideas for a new alias a few years back, so I took the “Jäger” and stuck different random words on the end. The “verb” comes from “reverb”. The name doesn’t mean anything but it’s phonetically pleasing and I like that it doesn’t sound English. My music feels more compatible with stuff from Belgium, Germany, etc. released through labels like Lektroluv and GND, than what you’d expect from someone living in Sheffield in the largely bass-centric UK.

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Disco Demons: After some massive, electro-flavored tracks like Lady Birds earlier this year, your recent tracks and remixes are obviously aiming at funky house grooves. How come?

Jägerverb: I never normally plan a track before I start so the style and energy isn’t something I’ve deliberately gone for, it’s just evolved naturally from jams and spontaneous ideas. I do listen to a lot more techno and progressive stuff now than I used to, so I guess the focus on rolling grooves and rich percussion rather than big noisy drops is reflected in my recent tracks and DJ sets. Last year some friends booked Ivan Smagghe to play a load of strange spacey techno and disco in a warehouse in Sheffield. I hadn’t heard of him before but this deeper, subtler music suddenly made sense when I heard it in the right environment.

Disco Demons: At the moment, (underground) electronic dance music is obviously inspired more than ever by old-school sounds. What does the future of electronic dance music hold for you?

Jägerverb: The emergence of EDM and the ever-increasing commercial appeal of dance music means it’s now expanding in two directions at once; some discover this pop/dance hybrid style and go along with it while others do the opposite and dive back into the underground in the search for something fresh. It’s encouraging that artists like Julio Bashmore, Eats Everything and the guys on Dirtybird are in vogue at the moment, stripping house music back to the basic elements and nodding to its old-school origins while bringing a classic sound back into mainstream appreciation.

Disco Demons: If you could do a collaboration with one artist (musician, singer, etc.) of your choice, who would it be (dead or alive)?

Jägerverb: Tricky one. Blatta & Inesha called dibs on Bowie so I can’t just copy them. A collaboration with Tiga would be cool. The vocal in Lady Birds is basically my mate imitating his voice and me messing with the pitch a la Mind Dimension or Move My Body. Tiga has the perfect voice for infectiously catchy tongue-in-cheek lyrics, it gives tracks a really distinctive mood. I’m presuming he’d also be hilarious to do studio work with.

Disco Demons: 2012 saw releases on Dim Mak, GND, and Lektroluv. What’s next?

Jägerverb: I’ve just finished quite a disco-sounding remix for an Italian artist called Ricktronik, and I’ve got another remix coming up for Sharooz’s La Bombe imprint. After that, I’ll be working on some new originals for a second Lektroluv EP. In 2013 I want to focus on getting myself out and about as a DJ as well, pushing that side of what I do.

Disco Demons: If you could play one single song to the entire world, which one would it be?

Jägerverb: Inspector Norse by Todd Terje. It’s been my soundtrack to 2012 and I think it captures everything that’s fun about clubbing and house music. I can’t imagine anyone disliking that euphoric chord change halfway through, with those shimmering arpeggios. Gives me shivers every time I hear that bit, such powerful music.


01. Bobby Champs – Steve Martin
02. Oliver $ & Sqim – Hoes
03. Jägerverb – Phosphenes
04. Tharindu – Manor
05. Tiefschwarz feat. Jaw – Hurricane (Re.You Remix)
06. Dense & Pika – Mooger Fooger
07. Maelstrom – Lux
08. Tanka – Boogie With Me
09. Sir Nenis & Roby Howler – Don’t Stop (Jägerverb Remix)
10. Jägerverb – St. Elmo’s Fire
11. Proxy – Junk


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