Gift Ideas for Guitarists

Are you desperately searching for a present for the guitarist in your life? Here’s a list of gift ideas which are guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

Guitar Strings

All guitarists appreciate new strings, you just need to make sure you buy the correct type. You need to find out a) what type of guitar your musician plays and b) what gauge (thickness) they prefer.

For example, the guitar type will most likely be steel-string acoustic, nylon/steel string classical acoustic, or steel-string electric. If in doubt ask them or one of their friends which type of guitar they play. Next, find out what thickness or ‘gauge’ strings they prefer, again asking them or one of their friends is a good idea.

Once you know the type and gauge you can either go into your local music store and get a recommendation from their staff or you can buy online.  When buying online I’d recommend the following:Gift Ideas for Guitarists

For steel-string acoustic guitar strings buy some Martins, for example, these Martin Medium Gauge Acoustic Steel Strings are the ones I normally buy and I think they’re great. They’re even better valued for money if you opt for a multi-pack.

For nylon/steel string classical acoustic guitars, try these D’Addario Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings.

For electric guitars my son, an excellent player recommends these D’Addario ProSteels 10’s.

Remember, guitar strings are a very personal thing so if in doubt ask what they prefer before you buy.

Guitar Capo

Very simply, it’s always good to have a decent guitar capo.  Make sure you choose the right one for your guitar and any of these guitar capos is worth considering. I think this Shubb Capo  Brass Steel String Roller Design is the best one for steel-string guitars.

Guitar Picks

A bumper pack of guitar picks is always useful, why not buy these Everly Star Grip Guitar pack of 12 picks.


Guitar Strap and Strap Locks

Buying someone a guitar strap is a nice way to give them something which will last a long time and remind them of you. This Taylor Suede Guitar Strap would make a lovely present, and to make it even better don’t forget to order a pair of Strap Locks to keep their guitar safely in place.

FX Pedals

This is a little more extravagant however  an FX pedal is a pretty cool gift for an electric guitarist. It’s best to check what they already have before you buy, but I’d totally recommend a Boss DS-1 Distortion or a Boss DD-3 Digital Delay or if you are feeling particularly extravagant a Boss RC-300 Loop Station Effects Pedal.

Music books

Easy one this, find out their favorite bands, then buy some guitar music books. I always think you can’t go wrong with a Beatles book, can you?

Guitar Lessons

My favorite suggestion is to buy some guitar lessons. Nearly all guitarists are likely to enjoy having lessons and you would be helping a local musician to fund their career. Find out what level your guitar player is at and what they are interested in…Blues? Rock? Folk? Funk? Prog? Death Metal? Math Rock Gothabilly???

An added bonus – think of this is as your chance to influence what you hear them play

Use google to find a local guitar teacher or for example in England you could try using this site.

Alternatively, here are some great online courses you could buy:


Bonus idea…. A Ukulele

If you can play the guitar you can play the uke. Ukes are great, the chord shapes are the same as a guitar, it’s just in a different tuning and only has four strings. Ashbury Ukes make fine presents.

If you have any good ideas to share please add to the comments below. Merry Christmas!

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