Pola Riot – Lenny Laserdisc Mixtape (The Austrian Tapes 01)

Just when everyone thought it was safe to say that electro has its home in France, a bunch of Italian artists proved everyone wrong a few years ago. Today the situation is even more fragmented, with lots of new epicenters of electronic dance music popping up all around the world – and while countries like France or Italy (or of course also Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the UK or the States) are commonly known for having an active electronic music scene, one sometimes gets the impression that it seems to be a well-kept secret that Austria has been growing a strong, vibrant scene over the past few years.

The Austrian Tapes are a new series of monthly mixtapes on discodemons.net with the ambitious goal of showcasing the best in Austrian electronic music, featuring DJs and producers who I think are not only talented artists but are also making an active contribution to actually move and push things forward in Austria’s musical landscape. And as interesting artists tend to have interesting tales to tell, each mixtape will be accompanied by a short interview, letting the artists get a word or two about themselves and their music – but also about brostep, Falco or Skrillex’ brother.

It’s not without pride that I announce the name of the first guest: Pola-Riot, known for hosting some of the best parties in Vienna, for their excessive DJ sets and of course for a steadily growing number of successful releases, including tracks like Superpimpin and Brazza, to name just a few. Enough praise – let the music speak for itself!

[ Interview + Tracklist after the jump ]

They don’t call you Pola-Riot for anything: For the past few years, there have been lots of tracks and remixes coming from your way – all of the heavy and hard-hitting, but always different sounds and styles. What musical direction are you heading at the moment?

Pola-Riot: That’s hard to say … Basically we get bored quite quickly, so we always keep on trying out new approaches to producing. This isn’t really the easiest way as many music listeners rather prefer that one trademark sound you can easily recognize an artist by. Back when our track Superpimpin gained some kind of popularity, it would have been the most obvious thing to do more tracks of that kind – except we tried some very different things. As for the near future, I guess we’re focusing on rather techno-ish productions. But one never knows what’s next … maybe disco dubstep?

What do you think about the “future techno” movement, with lots of young producers bringing old acid techno sounds to new life again – just a quick hype or a new trend in electronic dance music?

Pola-Riot: There have been so many trends and micro trends in electronic music that we’ve stopped counting. And some of these hypes were over before many people even noticed. We really like much of the stuff associated with the so-called Future Techno, especially the guys from Bad Life as the name givers (I guess?) are doing an excellent job. Whether Future Techno is going to stay or not: it’s definitely nice to see a counter-movement to all this complex and brostep boredom that’s so annoying at the moment.

2012 has seen the release of Brazza so far, a massive tune receiving nothing but love and support from names such as Etienne de Crécy, Kissy Sell Out, or Foamo. What are your plans for this year?

Pola-Riot: We’re planning on at least one more release this year. There is some interesting stuff in our pipeline, it might even be a pop tune. We try to be very careful with our business/label decisions now as we’ve already had some rather uncool experiences regarding these things in our early days. That said we’re really thankful for all the excellent label work Mähtrasher and Etage Noir Special have done on our recent two releases.

If you could do a collaboration with one artist of your choice, dead or alive, who would you pick? Why?

Pola-Riot: We’ve heard that Skrillex‘ brother is now also producing, that might be a good guy to work with. No, just kidding. Truth is: There are simply too many outstanding musicians out there, so we don’t wanna offend anybody by not mentioning him or her. As for the already dead ones: might be most credible to say Johnny Cash or John Lennon but we’d rather go for Falco. Riot Me, Amadeus!

Besides producing and Djing, you guys are also known for hosting some of the best parties in Vienna, constantly inviting artists who are right on the edge of getting really huge. Without disclosing your next guests – what artists are you personally keeping an eye on at the moment?

Pola-Riot: Many of the artists we like nowadays can be found on this very mixtape, you should check every one of them out. In more general terms you can’t go wrong with releases form labels like Lektroluv, Bad Life, or Boys Noize Records these days.

And as it’s not all about techno: what are your favorite non-electronic artists at the moment?

Pola-Riot: We really dig the new Santigold album, which was partially produced by brilliant Mr. Switch again. Amazing tunes. HipHop-wise the Death Grips LP is quite a blast, a noisy one, however. If your ears are bleeding from that we recommend Bloom by Beach House: the perfect soundtrack for your lazy Sunday afternoon.


01 Surkin feat. Ann Saunderson – Lose Yourself (Brodinski Remix) – Marble
02 Jaguar Trax – All I Dream (Hard Edit) – NON-Records
03 Shaved Monkeys – Morphosis (Shameboy Remix) – Techno Changed My Life
04 Pola-Riot – Brazza – Etage Noir Special
05 Casino Gold – Leveler (Henzel & Disco Nova Remix) – Crux
06 Mustard Pimp feat. Ze – The Amazons (Casino Gold Remix) – Dim Mak
07 autoKratz – Splinter (Modek Remix) – Bad Life
08 Clockwork – Hulk – Dim Mak
09 Zero Gravity – Haze – Plattenpussy Records
10 Destructo – Technology – BNR Trax
11 Mustard Pimp – ZHM (Pola-Riot Remix) – Dim Mak
12 Jagerverb – Mozzarella – GND Records
13 Nom De Strip & Bones – Yo! – Nitrus Records

The Austrian Tapes are a series of exclusive monthly mixtapes on discodemons.net, showcasing the best artists in Austrian electronic dance music – without sticking to any genre boundaries.

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